Asian-born, globally worn.

Our story begins in Asia, but is really a global tale. From the continent that both inspires and soaks in influences to create its own unique blend, Holisocks is delivering fresh sock game to world.

We are as much originated from Blink 182, Incubus and Space Invaders as we are inspired by Manga, Dim Sum or Indian Festivals. We are Hong Kong, New York, Mumbai, Tokyo, London, Vancouver… we refuse to be defined except by what we love. Now, we urge you to celebrate your colours.

Our range of crazy unique designs can't be found anywhere else. We offer mad good quality, with industry leading, odour eating, eye-catching, street strutting, top-of-the-line socks that are kicking ass for funky, fresh feet. You better believe it baby.  


Holisocks and chill

Warm regards,

The Holisocks Team